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Cat Grooming Services in St. Clair County

Cat Grooming Services in St. Clair County. Is your house covered in hair? Does your cat get hairballs? Is he or she matted? Full service cat grooming from Cats Only can both reverse these problems, and help prevent them in the future.

It's a common misconception that cats groom themselves. While they do lick themselves, they don't actually do any cleaning. At Cats Only, we offer grooming services courtesy of our certified master feline groomer. Having your cat regularly groomed prevents matting, greasy coats, and other common coat problems. Let our expert staff and certified master feline groomer give your cat a full spa treatment: from a full coat groom, matt removal and de-shed treatments, to nail caps and trimming. Your cat will shine like a show cat after a spa day at Cats Only. Cats Only provides cat and feline grooming services to the areas of Shiloh, Millstadt, Belleville, Swansea, Collinsville, Sauget, Fairview Heights and O'Fallon, Illinois.

Professional Cat Grooming Packages at Cats Only

A well groomed cat is a happy cat. Cats Only makes it easy to keep your feline friend happy and healthy through our expert cat grooming services. Your cat will be sure to enjoy the luxurious pampering provided by our knowledgeable staff during one of our many feline spa treatments.

Spa Packages

Full Coat Groom (Long & Short Hair)

(includes bath, blow dry, de-shed treatment, face trim, nails, ears, and eyes)

Teddy Bear Cut

(includes full coat groom)

Lion Cut

(includes full coat groom)

Flea Bath

(includes full coat groom)

Additional Services

Belly Shave

Sanitary Shave

Nail Trim

Nail Caps

All Four Paws

Front Paws Only

Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming Services

Cats Only's feline grooming services in St. Clair County help both you and your cat live healthier, cleaner, and happier lives. Cat grooming services:

Reduce Shedding and Hairballs

When cats lick themselves they ingest loose hair, resulting in hairballs. With professional cat grooming services loose fur will be combed away, leaving less hair floating around your home and your furry friend's digestive system.

Maintain a Healthy Coat

Regular brushing removes tangles and mats, keeping your cat's coat smooth and free from discomfort. Matting can lead to discomfort and skin problems for your cat. Cat grooming also allows a professional cat expert to see if there are any underlying issues affecting your cat's coat.

Promote Healthy Skin

Grooming stimulates the production of natural oils in the skin, preventing dryness and flakiness. Regular grooming allows for early detection of skin problems such as dryness, irritation, or parasites. We can identify these issues and recommend appropriate treatments or refer you to a vet if necessary.

Minimize the Risk of Parasites

Regular grooming helps to identify and address fleas, ticks, or other external parasites promptly.

Relax Your Cat and Reduce Stress

Many cats find grooming sessions to be relaxing, especially when performed by our highly-trained team of cat lovers. The process of grooming can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting overall well-being.

Improve Their Look

You already think your cat is the prettiest gal or most dapper fellow in town, and your cat themselves is absolutely sure of it. Professional cat grooming services let the rest of the world see it too.

Provide Nail Care

Many cat owners don't like the idea of declawing their cat, and pretty much none of us like it our cats claw at our furniture. Trimming a cat's nails at home can often be stressful for the cat and the owner. We know how to trim your cat's nails safely, and can even apply nail caps as a humane way to protect your furniture if needed.

Offer Expert Cat Care and Advice

Cats can be sensitive or resistant to grooming, especially when it involves sensitive areas like the face or paws. Our team knows how to handle cats in a way they enjoy, minimizing stress for both you and your fluffy friend. Our certified master feline groomer can offer expert tips about how to improve your cats grooming and their happiness.

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Call Cats Only for Professional Cat Grooming Services in St. Clair County, IL

Most grooming facilities in the Metro East area are catered to dogs, and cats are added as an afterthought. While groomers at these facilities are highly experienced and expertly trained for the proper grooming of dogs, they have little to no experience or training for cat grooming. Cats are very different from dogs and require special attention and handling. The Cats Only groomer is specifically trained in grooming cats, unlike other groomers who are trained to groom dogs. When you choose Cats Only for your cat grooming needs, you can rest assured your beloved friend is safe in our hands. Cats, being less receptive to being handled by new people than other pets, require special care to meet their unique needs. We are confident that our experienced staff can help you and your cat live healthier and happier with a full feline grooming.