Swansea, IL Pet Hotel

Swansea, IL Pet Hotel

Swansea, IL Pet Hotel. As pet owners, we love our pets - especially our cats. If we could, we would bring our pets with us everywhere we went. But, unfortunately, we cannot. Many cats are sensitive to travel and are less-than-comfortable with some of the environments we find ourselves in. On top of that, many places like retail stores, offices, and many hotels do not allow us to bring our Swansea, IL pets inside.

When you are looking for a pet hotel for your cats, you need a Swansea, IL pet hotel that understands your cat's needs and makes an effort to make your cat comfortable. Cats Only is the Swansea, IL pet hotel just for cats. For the best feline experience money can buy, count on Cats Only for your Swansea, IL pet hotel needs. Contact us today to book your cat's stay in our pet hotel.

Pet Hotel for Cats

You're getting ready to remodel your home, go on an out-of-town buisness trip, or a well-deserved getaway vacation and you need the perfect place to board your cat. You need a Swansea, IL pet hotel that is reliable, safe, and puts your cat's needs first. Cat's Only is the perfect pet hotel for any Swansea area cat owner.

We get that boarding your cat at a pet hotel is a stressful experience. It can be difficult for a cat and its owner to be away from each other and away from your home. That is why we prioritize your cat's comfort and overall guest experience when they stay at our Swansea, IL pet hotel. We have worked so hard to tailor our pet hotel experience for your cat that we limit ourselves to only serve cats.

Benefits of choosing a pet hotel that only boards cats are many. Choosing Cats Only for your pet hotel means that you will experience:

  • Peace and quiet. As much as we love dogs too, they can be noisy. Many pet hotels host a lot of dog guests at once. Even if most of the doggy guests are quiet and calm, a handful of barking or distressed doggy guests can make for a stressful and chaotic environment. Avoid this by choosing a pet hotel just for cats.
  • More attention and activities. We have devoted our entire operation to cats. That means our entire staff at our pet hotel is concerned with the care of our feline guests, and our entire facility is designed with our cats in mind. With one-on-one playtime available, your cats can be free to enjoy large spaces with stimulating toys and activities without being bothered by nearby dogs.
  • A tailored experience. Our pet hotel cat boarding suites offer rooms of various sizes that are perfect for your cats. We do not use cages. Instead, we use actual rooms for your cat's stay, complete with a window for bird watching and sunbathing, shelves to climb, a bed to curl up in, and a scratching post to scratch. In one of our rooms, your cat will feel right at home in our pet hotel! For those with a whole family of cats, we can room them together as requested in one of our spacious Queen or King suites. We also offer other cat services, including cat grooming and cat daycare. We are your one-stop shop for your cat care needs!

Cats Only Pet Hotel Features

When you bring your cat to stay at our Swansea, IL pet hotel, your cat enjoys...

  • A cage free stay in a room that features:
    • Private litter box area
    • A window with a view
    • Scratching post
    • Shelving
    • Comfortable cat bed
  • With a room in one of three sizes:
    • Standard suite for up to two cat guests
    • Queen suite for up to three cats
    • King suite for up to six cats
  • And any additional services needed:

    Complete with full-service treatment, tailored care, and a staff of fellow cat-lovers, Cats Only is your only choice of a Swansea, IL pet hotel. We're the perfect place for any cat! Any cat eight-weeks or older may stay at our Swansea, IL pet hotel. As long as your cat has received a rabies vaccine and is flea-free, we welcome them with open arms - we'll even board your cat that hasn't been fixed or still has their claws! If your cat does turn out to have fleas, we can perform a flea removal and flea bath. We take care that our Swansea, IL pet hotel guests do not have any contact with cats from other families. If your family is made up of multiple cats, we can keep them together, but we will never put cats from two different families together during any part of their stay. Your cat is safe at our pet hotel, guaranteed.

    Pet Hotel Near Swansea, IL| Cats Only

    Cats Only has dedicated itself to a perfect feline experience. We offer the Swansea, IL area's best pet hotel for cats in addition to our other cat care services such as daycare and boarding. When you need to board your cat at a pet hotel where you know your cat will be comfortable and cared for, you need Cats Only. Call us at 618-772-8315 to book your cat's stay today.