Kitty Daycare Swansea, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Swansea

Kitty Daycare Swansea, IL

Kitty Daycare in Swansea, IL. Cats long for human affection more than they're typically given credit for. At Cats Only, we offer kitty daycare services in Swansea, IL that was founded specifically with cats in mind so they can lounge and run around at their leisure when you're at work or just running errands for the day. Our Swansea, IL staff are all cat lovers who know how to dote on cats. For the cat-friendliest kitty daycare in Swansea, IL, reach out to us today at 618-772-8315.

Is a Kitty Daycare Right for Your Cat in Swansea, IL?

As cats generally sleep for about 12 to 18 hours a day, it may be tempting to let them slumber away on the windowsill while you're gone. However, cats who may need kitty daycare include:

  • Elderly cats — If your cat is now considered a senior, it may be a good idea to have someone make sure they're alright. Cats don't typically show signs of discomfort and can hide signs of even grave illness. Leaving them in a kitty daycare will ensure somebody is there to help them if anything happens.
  • Cats with health issues — Similarly, if your cat needs medication or is recovering from a recent injury, it might be ideal to leave them with capable and caring professionals at a kitty daycare who know how to give medication without upsetting your cat.
  • Kittens and "teenage" cats — Those annoying antics your young cat gets up to that shave hours off your nightly sleep? They're doing the same thing when you're not home. While a still-spry cat a few years old knows how run around without causing damage, kittens are still figuring out how to be responsible cats and may knock over glasses or other things that both could harm them and destroy your stuff. It's recommended never to leave a kitten alone for over 4-8 hours. At Cats Only in Swansea, IL, we have a dedicated playroom where your kitty can get up to whatever silliness they want without doing any damage or hurting themselves.
  • Anxious and/or destructive cats — Separation anxiety in cats can lead them to scratch at doors go to the bathroom on your floor, eat too much, and/or vomit. It may even lead them to escape somehow. Leaving them at a kitty daycare can help calm them.

Experts say it is not advisable to leave any cat by themselves for over half a day. If you think a kitty daycare in Swansea, IL is right for your cat, feel free to give us a call or schedule a time to come by and tour our facilities.

Kitty Daycare Swansea, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Swansea

Questions to Ask When Picking a Kitty Daycare in Swansea, IL

What Are the Facilities Like at the Kitty Daycare?

There's no point in leaving your cat with a kitty daycare if they're just going to be confined to a glass box. Our kitty daycare consists of standard-, queen-, or king-sized suites. They all include a litter box (with a curtain for privacy), scratching posts, several cushions, several levels to climb up, and a window well-suited to bird watching. At our kitty daycare, your cat will be able to relax, run, jump and explore as they see fit.

Will They Be in the Vicinity of Dogs?

While cats get stressed out when they're left alone at home, they'll be even more stressed out if they have to listen to barking dogs all day. At Cats Only's Swansea, IL kitty daycare, our philosophy is in our name: we only allow cats. Your cats will be able to nap in peace and won't feel any need to hide in the corner.

Is the Kitty Daycare Sanitary?

A clean litter box is extremely important to cats, and we make sure to clean every litter box twice a day. We also clean all of our suites extensively between visits, so you're cat won't pick up any infections from previous cats.

Do They Know How to Handle Cats?

Many pet boarding and grooming services specialize in dogs and only serve cats as an afterthought. As we only cater to cats, we are specialists in how to handle cats and keep their experience relaxed and pleasant. Our owner founded Cats Only specifically because she found she had a special connection to cats.

Do They Offer Grooming Services?

There are a lot of advantages to professional cat grooming services, such as getting rid of dead or matted hair. At Cats Only, we have a Certified Feline Master Groomer™ that will make your cats stay even more beneficial.

If you're leaving Swansea, IL for business or pleasure, we also offer a luxurious cat vacation and cat boarding.

Kitty Daycare Swansea, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Swansea

Swansea, IL Kitty Daycare | Cats Only

Our kitty daycare in Swansea, IL is distinctive in that we are devoted only to cats and our facilities allow them to follow their curious nature. You can give your cat a relaxed and pleasant stay full of jumping, napping, grooming, and affection at their leisure. While your cat will surely miss you, you can still give them all the other comforts of home — including human affection — by leaving them in the loving and capable hands of Cats Only. For a caring and relaxing kitty daycare in Swansea, IL, call us today at 618-772-8315.