Kitty Daycare St. Louis, MO | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near St. Louis

Kitty Daycare St. Louis, MO

Kitty Daycare in St. Louis, MO. Cats crave human affection more than they're typically given credit for. Cats Only is a kitty daycare in St. Louis, MO that only caters to cats so they can lay around and run around at their leisure when you're not home. Our St. Louis, MO staff are all cat lovers who understand how to look after cats. For an excellent kitty daycare in St. Louis, MO, contact today at 618-772-8315.

Does My Cat Need Kitty Daycare in St. Louis, MO?

As most cats sleep for about 12 to 18 hours a day, you may think it's ok to let them sleep in their cat gym while you're gone. However, kitty daycare is ideal for certain cats:

  • Elderly cats — If your cat is now considered a senior, it may be preferable to have someone keep an eye on them. Cats mask discomfort and can hide indications of even severe conditions. Leaving them in a kitty daycare will help ensure they get necessary medical attention when they need it.
  • Cats with health issues — Likewise, if your cat requires medication or is recovering from a recent surgery, it might be wise to leave them with experienced cat specialists at a kitty daycare who know how to give medication gently.
  • Kittens and "teenage" cats — That exploring and those games your young cat does that won't let you fall asleep? They're not limited to the PM hours. While a cat that is a little older knows how not to hurt themselves, kittens are still figuring out how to be responsible cats and may knock over flower pots or other objects that both could hurt them and break your possessions. It's recommended never to leave a kitten home alone for over 4-8 hours. At Cats Only in St. Louis, MO, we have a dedicated playroom where your kitty can run around and explore safely.
  • Nervous and/or destructive cats — Separation anxiety in cats can cause them to scratch at doors urinate or defecate on your floor, eat too much, and/or vomit. It may even result in them trying to get outside. Entrusting them to a kitty daycare can help pacify them.

Most vets state it's never a good idea to leave any cat alone for over half a day. If you're wondering if a kitty daycare in St. Louis, MO is right for your feline family member, feel free to give us a call or make an appointment to come see our space.

Kitty Daycare St. Louis, MO | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near St. Louis

How to Choose a Kitty Daycare in St. Louis, MO for Your Cat

Where Will My Cat Stay at the Kitty Daycare?

There's no point in leaving your cat with a kitty daycare if they're just going to be confined to a small cage. We house felines in our a range of different suite options. All of them come with a litter box (and privacy curtain), scratching posts, various pillows, a lot of surfaces to climb and jump on, and a window well-suited to sunbathing. At our kitty daycare, your cat will be able to lounge, dart around, leap and explore as they see fit.

Will They Be in the Vicinity of Dogs?

Dogs and cats seem like natural enemies, and incessant barking can be a stressor for cats. At Cats Only's St. Louis, MO kitty daycare, we stay true to our name: we only allow cats. Your cats will be able to relax in peace and won't be motivated to find a place to hide.

Is the Kitty Daycare Clean?

A clean litter box is extremely important to cats, and all are litter boxes are cleaned twice daily. Suites are thoroughly cleaned between stays, so you're cat won't pick up any infections from other cats during their stay.

Does the Staff Really Know About Cats?

Many boarding services specialize in dogs and only house cats as an afterthought. As we only offer our services to cats, we know how to keep cats happy and relaxed. Our owner founded Cats Only specifically because she found she had a special connection to cats.

Do They Offer Grooming Services?

There are numerous advantages to professional cat grooming services, such as detecting bugs and fleas. At Cats Only, you can enhance your cat's stay at our kitty daycare by giving them a grooming session with our Certified Feline Master Groomer™.

If you're going on vacation, we can also house your cat for an extended cat vacation with our cat boarding services.

Kitty Daycare St. Louis, MO | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near St. Louis

St. Louis, MO Kitty Daycare | Cats Only

Our kitty daycare in St. Louis, MO is distinctive in that we are devoted only to cats and our facilities allow them to follow their curious nature. You can give your cat a peaceful and pleasant stay full of jumping, sleeping, grooming, and snuggling at their leisure. Even though you won't be there, you can still let them have human affection by leaving them with Cats Only. For a caring and relaxing kitty daycare in St. Louis, MO, call us today at 618-772-8315.