Kitty Daycare Shiloh, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Shiloh

Kitty Daycare Shiloh, IL

Kitty Daycare in Shiloh, IL. Cats crave human warmth more than they're typically given credit for. At Cats Only, we offer kitty daycare services in Shiloh, IL that only caters to cats so they can lounge and sprint, jump, and climb at their leisure while you're gone for the day. Our Shiloh, IL staff are all cat lovers who have been trained specifically in how to look after cats. For an excellent kitty daycare in Shiloh, IL, contact today at 618-772-8315.

Does My Cat Need Kitty Daycare in Shiloh, IL?

As cats generally sleep for around 12 to 18 hours daily, it may be tempting to let them sleep on the windowsill while you're at work or running errands all day. However, cats who may need kitty daycare include:

  • Elderly cats — If your cat is in their golden years, it may be a good idea to have someone watch over them. Cats don't typically show signs of pain and can hide signs of even severe ailments. Having them in a kitty daycare will ensure somebody is there to help them if anything happens.
  • Cats with health problems — Similarly, if your cat requires medication or is recovering from a recent surgery, it might be wise to leave them with capable and caring professionals at a kitty daycare who know how to administer medication in a way that does not bother your cat.
  • Kittens and "teenage" cats — That exploring and those games your young cat does that won't let you fall asleep? They're they do them in the daytime too. While a 4 or 5 year old cat knows how to play safely, kittens are still exploring their boundaries and may knock over plants or other objects that both could hurt them and damage your property. Experts say you should not leave a kitten by themselves for over 4-8 hours. At Cats Only in Shiloh, IL, we have a dedicated playroom where your feline family member can get up to whatever silliness they want in a space where both your stuff and your cat will stay intact.
  • Anxious and/or destructive cats — Separation anxiety in cats can lead them to scratch at doors eliminate outside of the litter box, not eat the appropriate amount, and/or vomit. It may even result in them trying to get outside. Taking them to a kitty daycare can help soothe them.

Experts say it is not advisable to leave any cat alone for more than half a day. If you're wondering if a kitty daycare in Shiloh, IL is right for your feline family member, feel free to reach out to us or make an appointment to come see our facilities.

Kitty Daycare Shiloh, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Shiloh

Questions to Ask When Picking a Kitty Daycare in Shiloh, IL

What Are the Facilities Like at the Kitty Daycare?

You don't want to send your cat to a kitty daycare if they're just going to be cramped in a glass box. We house felines in our standard-, queen-, or king-sized suites. All of them come with a litter box (with a curtain for privacy), scratching posts, various cushions, a cat gym for climbing, and a window where they can enjoy sunbathing. At our kitty daycare, your cat will be free to slumber, run, jump and explore as they see fit.

Will They Be in the Vicinity of Dogs?

Dogs and cats seem like natural enemies, and incessant barking can be a stressor for cats. At Cats Only's Shiloh, IL kitty daycare, we stay true to our name: there are no dogs allowed. Your cats will be able to nap tranquilly and won't feel any need to hide in the corner.

Is the Kitty Daycare Sanitary?

A clean litter box is essential to cats, and we make sure to clean every litter box twice a day. Every suite is sanitized between visits, so you're cat won't pick up any infections from other cats during their stay.

Does the Staff Really Know About Cats?

Many pet hotels focus mainly on dogs and only house cats as an afterthought. As we only offer our services to cats, we are experts in how to keep cats happy and relaxed. Our owner started Cats Only specifically because she noticed there were no kitty daycares in the Shiloh, IL area that are tailored specifically to cats.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

There are myriad benefits to taking your cat to a cat groomer, such as encouraging the production of healthy oils. At Cats Only, you can enhance your cat's stay at our kitty daycare by giving them a grooming session with our Certified Feline Master Groomer™.

If you're leaving Shiloh, IL for business or pleasure, we can also house your cat for an extended cat vacation with our cat boarding services.

Kitty Daycare Shiloh, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Shiloh

Shiloh, IL Kitty Daycare | Cats Only

Our kitty daycare in Shiloh, IL is unique in that we are dog- and cage-free. You can give your cat a tranquil and pleasant stay full of jumping, napping, grooming, and affection at their leisure. While your cat will surely miss you, you can still let them have human affection by entrusting them to Cats Only. If you're interested in a kitty daycare in Shiloh, IL, call us today at 618-772-8315.