Kitty Daycare Belleville, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Belleville

Kitty Daycare Belleville, IL

Kitty Daycare in Belleville, IL. Cats crave human affection more than they're typically given credit for. Cats Only is a kitty daycare in Belleville, IL dedicated only to cats so they can lounge and run around at their leisure when you're at work or just running errands for the day. Our Belleville, IL staff are all cat lovers who know how to look after cats. For a friendly and knowledgeable kitty daycare in Belleville, IL, contact today at 618-772-8315.

Does My Cat Need Kitty Daycare in Belleville, IL?

As cats generally sleep for about 12 to 18 hours daily, it may be tempting to let them lounge away on the couch while you're not home. However, there are some cats who would benefit from kitty daycare:

  • Older cats — If your cat is now considered a senior, it may be preferable to have someone watch over them. Cats mask pain and can hide symptoms of even grave illness. Leaving them in a kitty daycare will ensure somebody is there to help them if anything happens.
  • Cats with health issues — Likewise, if your cat needs medication or is recovering from a recent injury, it might be ideal to leave them with knowledgeable cat experts at a kitty daycare who know how to give medication gently.
  • Kittens and "teenage" cats — That noisy clowning around your kitten does that wake you up in the middle of the night? They're they do them in the daytime too. While a still-spry cat a few years old knows how to play safely, kittens are still figuring out how to be responsible cats and may knock over plants or other things that both could harm them and destroy your property. It is not advisable to leave a kitten by themselves for more than 4-8 hours. At Cats Only in Belleville, IL, we have a dedicated playroom where your fluffy friend can get into all the mischief they want safely.
  • Anxious and/or destructive cats — Separation anxiety in cats can cause them to scratch at doors go to the bathroom on your floor, eat too much, and/or vomit. It may even result in them trying to get outside. Entrusting them to a kitty daycare can help soothe them.

Most vets state it's never a good idea to leave any cat alone for more than 12 hours. If you think a kitty daycare in Belleville, IL is the best idea for your fluffy friend, feel free to reach out to us or schedule a time to come by and tour our facilities.

Kitty Daycare Belleville, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Belleville

Questions to Ask When Picking a Kitty Daycare in Belleville, IL

What Are the Facilities Like at the Kitty Daycare?

You don't want to send your cat to a kitty daycare if they're just going to be constricted to a small cage. We house felines in our standard-, queen-, or king-sized suites. All of them come with a litter box (and privacy curtain), scratching posts, various cat beds, a lot of surfaces to climb and jump on, and a window perfect for bird watching. At our kitty daycare, your cat will be free to slumber, dart around, climb and explore as they see fit.

Will They Be in the Vicinity of Dogs?

While cats get stressed out when they're left alone at home, they'll be even more stressed out if they have to listen to barking dogs all day. At Cats Only's Belleville, IL kitty daycare, we abide by our name: there are no dogs allowed. Your cats will be able to nap tranquilly and won't be motivated to find a place to hide.

Is the Kitty Daycare Sanitary?

A clean litter box is vital to cats, and we clean each litter box twice daily. We also clean all of our suites extensively between visits, so you're cat won't pick up any viruses from other cats during their stay.

Does the Staff Really Know About Cats?

Many pet boarding and grooming services cater mostly to dogs and only tailor to cats for some extra cash. As we only offer our services to cats, we are experts in how to handle cats and keep their experience relaxed and pleasant. Our owner started Cats Only specifically because she noticed there were no kitty daycares in the Belleville, IL area that are tailored specifically to cats.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

There are numerous advantages to taking your cat to a cat groomer, such as reducing allergens. At Cats Only, we have a Certified Feline Master Groomer™ that will make your cats stay even more beneficial.

If you're leaving Belleville, IL for business or pleasure, we can also house your cat for an extended cat vacation with our cat boarding services.

Kitty Daycare Belleville, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Belleville

Belleville, IL Kitty Daycare | Cats Only

Our kitty daycare in Belleville, IL is distinctive in that we are dog- and cage-free. You can give your cat a peaceful and enjoyable stay full of jumping, napping, grooming, and affection at their leisure. While you won't be with them for the day, you can still give them all the other comforts of home — including human affection — by leaving them with Cats Only. For a caring and relaxing kitty daycare in Belleville, IL, call us today at 618-772-8315.