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Cattery in St. Clair County. When you go out of town you want to know that your cat is taken care of. Cats Only’s Cattery provides a safe and fun environment for your cat with staff that love cats as much as you do. A cattery won’t be able to replace your scent and your special bond with your cat, but a caring St. Clair County cattery will put your cat at ease and keep them stress free, while keeping them clean and happy. If you’re nervous about finding a cattery that will give your fluffball the love and attention he or she deserves, call us today at (618) 772-8315.

Unlike other St. Clair County catteries or pet hotels, Cats Only is exactly what our name suggests: a place for only cats. There won’t be any dogs barking, or any other animals that might stress out your cat. Cats only is a cage-free cattery, and our suites are designed for the comfort and security of your cat or cats. Our Standard Suite accommodates up to two cats, the Queen Suite three or four cats, and the King Suite five or six. Whatever your cat’s age or personality, Cats Only will make sure they have a comfortable and enjoyable experience when they stay at our cattery.

Why to Board Your Cat in a Cattery

Many St. Clair County cat owners are nervous that boarding their cat at a cattery will be stressful for their feline, and think the best option might be to leave them at home and have someone check up on them. Many people incorrectly view cats as being low maintenance. Cats are social creatures and can get lonely and worried if left by themselves. Additionally, in the unfortunate event that a natural disaster occurs and damages your house while you are gone, or your cat could experience a medical emergency and nobody would be there to get them the help they need.

If your St. Clair County family includes multiple cats, they’ll all be able to stay together in the same room to comfort each other and keep each other company.

How to Choose the Right Cattery for Your Cat

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the best cattery for your cat. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has recommended standard minimum requirements when choosing a cattery, and at Cats Only we exceed all of them. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the best St. Clair County cattery for your cat:

  • Living Space and Primary Enclosure. When choosing a cattery, your first thought might be about where they’ll be spending the majority of their time. Cats Only is a cage-free, no dogs allowed cattery with spacious and pleasant suites for your cat. Each of our three suite sizes has a litter box with a privacy curtain, a window with a view of the outdoors, scratching posts, a bed, and shelves and counters they can climb and play on. There’s also plenty of light during the day so they won’t be left in the dark.
  • The Staff. Whether you have a kitten or a grimalkin, you want to know that whoever is taking care of them cares as much about cats as you do. At Cats Only, cats are our specialty and our St. Clair County staff is specifically trained with how to understand and handle cats. We love giving them cuddles and attention, and even have a dedicated playroom so more adventurous cats can get one-on-one play time with a member of our staff. In addition to giving your cat attention throughout the day, we triple check on each cat when we get in in the morning and when we leave at night. Our attentive staff make sure your cat is fed twice daily and always has enough water.
  • Amenities. Your cat just being fed and safe isn’t enough, you want them to be somewhere they’ll be pampered. In addition to our playroom and roomy suites, the Cats Only St. Clair County cattery offers professional grooming services so your cat can be bathed, trimmed, have their ears clean, and their nails trimmed. Our master feline groomer has been certified by the National Cat Groomers Institute (NCGI), so you can be sure your feline friend will be getting the best possible spa treatment.
  • Healthcare. Giving medication to a cat can be difficult, and any St. Clair County cattery should have staff specifically trained on how to administer medication properly. Additionally, it’s important for a cattery to have vaccination and flea-free requirements so your cat does not get sick. Any cat that gets fleas while at our cattery will be giving a flea bath immediately.
  • Cleanliness and Sanitation. A dirty and unclean living space can make your cat uncomfortable and, even worse, sick. Our St. Clair County facility is flea-free, the rooms are clean, and the litter box is cleaned twice a day. Food is kept away from the litter box so there isn’t any cross-contamination.
  • Before you commit to a cattery, it’s a good idea to visit it and see the facilities for yourself. Is it clean? Does it smell? Are there a lot of noise and distractions that could stress your kitty out? Is the staff dedicated and knowledgeable? Will your cat be forced to stay with other cats he or she doesn’t know and isn’t comfortable with? These are all important questions to ask before deciding whether your cat should stay at a specific cattery.

    How You Can Help Your Cat’s Stay at a Cattery

    We know your cat will miss you, and that’s why we try to make their stay as comfortable and fun as possible. Still, there are a number of things you can do to enhance your cat’s stay and limit any stress-inducing changes while you’re gone:

    • Bring your cat’s preferred food and their favorite treats
    • Bring a favorite blanket or an article of your clothing so they have their favorite familiar scents to accompany them
    • Bring any of your cat’s favorite toys so they’ll be reminded of home and all the fun times you and your cat have together

    Surrounding your cat with familiar objects and scents from you and your home will remind them you’re coming back and will help ease any anxiety they may feel.

    Cats Only Cattery Is the Right Choice for Your Kitty

    Our St. Clair County cattery will make sure your cat's basic needs are met, they’re given ample space to be active, and have a comfortable setting so they can be stress-free. At Cats Only, our cat loving staff goes the extra mile to give each cat the VIP treatment. Call us today at (618) 772-8315 or come visit us in person to see why Cats Only is the best cattery option for your feline furball.