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Cat Vacation St. Clair County

Cat Vacation in St. Clair County. What better way to show your cat you love them than giving them their own cat vacation the next time you're out of town? Many cats get anxious and lonely when their owners are gone for extended periods. At Cats Only, we offer a comfortable and luxurious cat hotel for cat owners and lovers in St. Clair County and the greater St. Louis area. When your feline family members stay with us, you can have peace of mind that they are safe, taken care of, and content. Call Cats Only today at 618-772-8315 to book your cat vacation.

While many people assume leaving their cat at home while they're on vacation is fine, accidents happen, and sudden health problems can arise. Additionally, many cats suffer from separation anxiety when alone for long periods and may stop eating or drinking, urinate outside the box, or destroy furniture while you're gone. To make sure your cat in St. Clair County is properly taken care of, it's best to give them a cat vacation at a qualified cat boarding facility.

Why Choose Cats Only For a Cat Vacation in St. Clair County?

Cats Only is the premier cat boarder and cat groomer in the St. Clair County area. Our owner worked in various shelters and found she had a special connection with cats. It was then that she realized that the cat-loving community does not have any boarding or grooming services tailored specifically for cats — most focus on dogs. In contrast, we have developed a cat-centric experience. Some of the best reasons to choose Cats Only for your cat vacation in St. Clair County are:

  • We Are a Dog and Cage Free Zone

    If you've ever seen cats at a shelter, adoption center, or other boarding facility in St. Clair County, you've probably seen them anxious and stressed out by the incessant dog barking and because they're trapped in a small space with nowhere to run, jump, hide, or play. You may even fondly recall bringing your kitten home from an adoption center and seeing the relief they feel when they can bolt across the room and take a long, peaceful nap on the couch. We're named "Cats Only" for a reason: we do not offer any services to other animals, and dogs will never be on the property. Additionally, your cat will not be left in a cage or small glass box while they're here.

  • Our Sizeable Suites

    As we don't cage cats, we offer standard, queen, and king sized suites that can accommodate up to 6 cats, so your whole cat family can go on a cat vacation together. Each suite comes with a litter box that's cleaned twice a day, fluffy beds, scratching posts, a cat tree, and a window where your kitty can sunbathe or watch the birds during their cat vacation. They'll have more than enough room to run, play, and hide.

  • Our Staff

    Each of our St. Clair County staff loves cats and has been specially trained on how to handle them and make them feel safe. We check in on your cats during their cat vacation multiple times a day, can gently give them any medication they need, and love spending time with more playful cats in our dedicated playroom.

  • Our Cat Spa

    We offer all-inclusive cat grooming services in St. Clair County for your cat to enjoy on their cat vacation. Cat grooming will make your cat feel clean, help their fur grow in healthier, and reveal any potential underlying health problems. We offer everything from baths, belly shaves, claw trimmings, and nail caps. Cats Only is owned and operated by a Certified Feline Master Groomer, the highest distinction available from the National Cat Groomers Institute that requires rigorous training and advanced knowledge.

Cat Vacation St. Clair County | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Me

Cat Vacation in St. Clair County | Cats Only

While your St. Clair County cat will probably survive if they have enough food and water, they'll be anxious, lonely, and worried about where you are and if something terrible happened. We know that cats are particular about their environment, which is why our cat hotel is a comfortable environment and cat-centric experience for their cat vacation in St. Clair County so they can stay stress-free. If you're going out of town, give your cat the cat vacation it deserves. Call Cats Only at 618-772-8315.