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Swansea, IL Cat Sitting

Swansea, IL Cat Sitting. Your life and career keep you busy, and sometimes you don't have those precious moments to give your cat the attention they deserve. You want to give your cat the love and nurturing it deserves, but you cant make it home. Don't worry! When you are looking for Swansea, IL cat sitting services, bring your cat to Cats Only! We will happily watch your feline companion while you take care of other important needs during the day. Our cat sitting services are dog-free, and will give your cat the love and attention that they deserve while you are busy. Our Swansea cat sitting services like boarding and daycare services are centered around providing the ultimate level of comfort for your cat and convenience for you.

Do you need Swansea, IL cat sitting services now? Cats Only can help! Reach out to us today to learn more about the services we provide for people like you looking for Swansea, IL cat sitting. Give us a call now at 618-772-8315 to make an appointment or learn more about our cat-centered services.

Swansea, IL Cat Sitting - What Cats Only Offers

Swansea, IL Cat Sitting at Cats Only offers convenience and cat-tailored care that typical cat sitting in your area cannot provide. Our entire business is centered around cats. Instead of a high school student or someone just looking to make some extra cash, we are a team of experienced cat experts and true cat lovers. When you cat stays with us, they enjoy indoor, cage-free cat sitting that is convenient for you and comfortable for your cat. When it comes to Swansea, IL cat sitting, there is no contest. Cats Only is by far the best option.

Our Swansea, IL cat sitting daycare service is more than just having a comfy spot for your cat; we give our cat guests opportunities to play with stimulating toys and enjoy captivating views. We want your cat to be relaxed and have as much fun and enjoyment as they would at your Swansea home. Here are some of the amazing benefits that are included in our cat sitting options:

  • Cat Optimized Playroom for Exercise and Fun
  • Lounging Spaces for Rest and Relaxation
  • Window Views for Bird Watching and Sun Bathing
  • Quality 1-on-1 Time with one of our Cat Care Professionals

Cat Daycare

For Swansea, IL cat sitting services only during the day, our cat daycare is the perfect option for you. Bring your feline to our facility when you need us to take care of her, and come pick her up later in the day when you've done your errands and are ready to bring her home. You can be confident that she will enjoy her stay, as we will be giving her a comfortable and engaging room to enjoy on her own or with her siblings, providing food and water, administering medications if necessary, and even giving her one-on-one playtime.

Cat Boarding

If you are going out of town for a few days, are in the middle of remodeling your house, have a cat-allergic family member staying a few nights, or have another reason for cat sitting services, we offer cat boarding. When your feline spends a few days with us, we will give her all the fun and comfort our cat daycare guests enjoy, but for a multi-day period. We will clean the litter box twice a day and can even pamper her with a groom if you choose.

Swansea, IL Cat Sitting at Cats Only

When you bring your cat to Cats Only for cat sitting, we will give your cat the attention and love that they deserve. You need and deserve our services: Swansea, IL cat sitting that provides so much more than just a check-in and feeding! We want to give your cat an incredible time. Book your cat sitting with us today by calling 618-772-8315 now.