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Cat Sitter in St. Clair County. Every cat's individual needs and personality are as unique as their nose print. At Cats Only, our owner and staff have spent years learning the mysterious ways of cats and only cats. We know how to make your kitty feel at home and tailor to their needs. When looking for a cat sitter next time you're leaving St. Clair County for a few days, consider our cat hotel at Cats Only. Call us today at 618-772-8315 if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.

Many St. Clair County cat owners think it might be best to just have a cat sitter check in on their cat when they go out of town. After all, wouldn't they be more comfortable in their home environment? That isn't always the case. While it's true that cats hate change, being alone in an empty St. Clair County house is an unwelcome change as well. If the cat sitter isn't someone they know well, it may feel like someone is invading their territory. Leaving them in the hands of a caring, professional, and cat-centric cattery is often the preferable option.

Cat Sitter or Cat Hotel: What's the Difference? | Cats Only St. Clair County

While a cat sitter in St. Clair County is likely a very nice person and truly loves cats, they cannot provide the same amount of care that our staff and facilities can. If your cat is a people-oriented cat, they may enjoy a cat sitter stopping by every once and a while, but will be more content with the constant socialization available with Cats Only's boarding services. They may miss the familiar smells of your St. Clair County home, but you can also bring their favorite blankets and toys, and even some of your clothes so they'll have your scent nearby.

Some of the amenities and services we offer are:

  • Cat daycare services, if you want someone to pamper and play with your cat if you're gone for the day. Instead of the quick visit a St. Clair County cat sitter might spend with them, at our daycare they will receive attention all day.
  • Cat grooming with a Certified Feline Master Groomer with the National Cat Groomers Institute. There are myriad benefits to cat grooming. We know how to handle cats and make them feel at ease when we hold them, allowing your cat to tolerate or even enjoy their grooming. Our professional grooming services are something a St. Clair County cat sitter simply cannot offer.
  • Standard, Queen, and King size suites so that we can board your entire cat family. We are cage-free St. Clair County cat sitters. Each suite comes with:
    • A litter box that is cleaned twice a day
    • Scratching posts
    • Ample space and shelves to climb and play
    • Soft surfaces to dose off on
    • A window where your kitty can bird-watch or feel the warm sunlight
  • A dog-free zone so your cat or cat family can feel relaxed. Dogs and cats just feel like natural enemies, and you can rest assured that there are no dogs on our premises. Even if your cat has gotten along with dogs in the past, the constant barking they might hear at a pet hotel that boards dogs would only stress them out.
  • A dedicated playroom for kittens or adult cats that never lost their youthful spirit. Our staff loves spending one-on-one time and playing with your cats.
  • Dedicated and cat-centric staff that will help your cat feel right at home.
  • A clean, safe space so that your cat will not get sick. We make sure our suites are thoroughly cleaned between guests. You may be nervous that your cat could get sick from other cats at a cat kennel, but at Cats Only your cat will never interact with a cat outside of its cat family.

Too many people view cats as low-maintenance animals, especially when compared to dogs. But cats also need constant care and even have social intelligence comparable to dogs. They need love and attention that a St. Clair County cat sitter might not be able to give them in a 30-minute visit. Our staff is attentive and will check in on your cat throughout the day to make sure its needs are met and that it is receiving enough attention.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Cat Boarding over a Cat Sitter | Cats Only St. Clair County

When you make the decision to leave your cat at a cat hotel instead of hiring a St. Clair County cat sitter, there are a few important questions you should ask yourself. Try to see the cat boarding location from your cat's point of view?

  • Is it clean?
  • Are there spaces in the suites where my cats can hide and play?
  • Will the litter box be cleaned consistently?
  • Is the staff cat-oriented, friendly, and attentive?
  • Will my cat have to deal with the stress of dogs or other animals?

We're confident that when you visit and choose Cats Only for your St. Clair County cat sitter services, you will feel great about your cat's stay with us.

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There are a lot of health and psychological benefits to owning a cat. They do a lot to brighten our lives and deserve that we give them the same amount of love and attention back. Most boarding and grooming services, and even cat sitters, prioritize dogs and work with cats as an afterthought. We love working with cats and only cats, and you can be sure your furry family member will have our utmost care and attention. When considering a cat sitter in St. Clair County, call Cats Only at 618-772-8315.