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Cat Kennel in St. Clair County. If you need to go out of town for a few days or longer, you may be worried about the best way to make sure your cat is properly looked after. Leaving them at home may seem to make stress as they are familiar with the environment, but boarding your cat at a cat kennel is almost always the best choice for your cat. At Cats Only, our philosophy is in our name: our St. Clair County cat kennel is only for cats and is run specifically by cat lovers and experts. There are no noisy dogs and your cat will be able to enjoy a quiet, relaxed, cage-free room. Our cat kennel offers three sizes of suites so we can accommodate your entire cat family no matter how big it is. Call us today at 618-772-8315 to find our more about why Cats Only is the best cat kennel in St. Clair County for your cat.

6 Myths About Cat Kennels

Many people wonder if leaving a cat at a cat kennel is really in their cat's best interest. After all, they do not seem to need the constant care that dogs do. Simply leaving extra food and water in the surroundings they're used to may seem preferable to leaving them in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar humans. However, there are many reasons why it's best to board them in a cat kennel. Here are 6 of the common myths we hear about cat kennels, and why they are untrue:

  1. My cat will do fine by themselves
  2. In the unfortunate event of flooding or other damage to your house while you're gone, someone may not be able to come to their aid in time. Additionally, if your cat suffers from a medical issue while you're gone, you can be sure they'll get immediate and proper care when they stay at a cat kennel.

    Cats are social creatures. While cats can be aloof, or often hide from people they don't know, being alone can often be stressful and cause them to worry.

  3. A cat kennel will be too stressful
  4. It is true that most cats do not like change. However, being alone for several days will be an unwelcome change as well. We're confident that with our friendly, cat-loving staff, quiet and spacious suites, and dedicated playroom, they will adapt easily to their surroundings and enjoy their time at Cats Only's St. Clair County Cat Kennel.

  5. My cat won't like being around other cats, and may get sick

    At Cats Only your cat will never interact with cats outside of your cat family, so you can be sure that they won't get stressed-out or sick because of someone else's cat. Furthermore, we are a strictly flea-free cat kennel and all cats we board are required to have their rabies shot.

  6. My cat will be stuck in a cage the whole time

    We are proudly cage-free cat kennel. We understand that cats' nature means they need ample space to follow their instincts and play. Our dedicated playroom will help even the most active cats get enough exercise and mental stimulation.

  7. Dogs will disturb my cat
  8. It seems like many dogs and cats are natural enemies. Listening to hours of non-stop barking could cause any cat to be anxious. Fortunately, our cat kennel is only for cats, and your kitty will never hear or see another dog on our property.

  9. My cat will be left alone for several days
  10. Why board your cat in a cat kennel if they are just going to be left alone with food and water in a smaller space? At Cats Only, our dedicated staff makes sure to check on you cat or cats multiple times a day, including three times after we arrive and three times before we leave. We are constantly checking to make sure their food and water bowl is full, and clean their cat litter twice a day. We also love spending quality one-on-one time with cats, so you can be sure your cat won't feel lonely.

Why Choose Cats Only as Your Cat Kennel

You want to know that your kitty is in the best hands when you leave it at a St. Clair County Cat Kennel. When you use Cats Only, your cat isn't merely staying somewhere overnight, it's going on a luxury vacation. Here are just some of the reasons why Cats Only is the best cat kennel in the St. Clair County area:

The Suites

We offer standard, queen, and king size suites that can accommodate anywhere from one to six cats. Every suite comes with scratching posts, shelves for them to climb, beds, a window where they can watch the outside world, and a litter box with a privacy curtain. If you have multiple cats, they'll have more than enough space to run around and play while still being able to keep each other company.

The Staff

Cats Only's owner decided to open her cat kennel after spending years in shelters and realizing she had a special way with cats. The only people that work here are other St. Clair County cat lovers who have spent years learning what makes cats tick and how to correctly care for them. It can be difficult giving medications to cats. If you cat requires medication, you can be confident that it will be administered by someone who knows cats and knows how to make them feel at ease.

The Spa

We offer a variety of grooming services so we can pamper your fluffy friend while you are away. Having your cat groomed regularly provides many health benefits for your cat, and a stay at our kennel is a great time to take advantage of our services.

Most groomers specialize in dogs, and many are unfamiliar with how to correctly handle and groom a cat. Grooming a cat is more dangerous for both the groomer and the animal, but our certified master groomer knows to correctly handle your cat so that they tolerate or even enjoy our grooming services.

It's Stress-Free.

Your cat or cats will enjoy our ample suites and dog-free property. Our attentive staff and dedicated playroom will leave you confident that your kitty will be able to play, eat, and lounge around in peace.

Choose St. Clair County's Best Cat Kennel | Cats Only

Most groomers and kennels in the St. Clair County area specialize in dogs and only accept cats as an afterthought. Cats Only's cat kennel was designed to offer cats a tranquil place where they can nap, play, scratch, and climb. Next time you have to leave St. Clair County for a few days, call Cats Only at 618-772-8315 to ensure your kitty will be in the best hands while you're out of town.