Sauget, IL Cat Hotel

Sauget, IL Cat Hotel

Sauget, IL Cat Hotel. As a cat owner, your cat is more than just a pet to you. On the occassion that you have to leave home for a length of time, you certainly don't want to send them off to a loud, stressful, unfamiliar environment just to be caged up all day. You would love to bring them along with you, but that isn't always practical, and could be worse for cats who don't enjoy travelling. The solution is the Cats Only cat hotel for Sauget, IL pets.

Our Sauget, IL cat hotel is the best in Sauget, IL cat boarding. Leave your special feline friend in our care with a stay at our cat hotel in the Sauget, IL area. For more information or to book your pet's cat hotel stay now, contact us at (618) 772-8315 or send us a message.

Cats Only Cat Hotel

Cats Only's cat hotel provides families and individuals in the Greater St. Louis residents with loving and serene options for looking after your cats. Trust us to care for your cat in a safe and comfortable environment. Our premier cat hotel facility features:

  • No dogs. It's in the name - Cat's Only. This exerience is specific to felines
  • No cages. Your cat will have plenty of room and home-style comforts and won't be couped up in a small crate
  • Playtime. Cats are smart and easily bored. For the adventurous types, we have a large room dedicated to playing which includes a variety of cat toys and one-on-one attention from an associate.
  • Cat lovers. Our staff are certified cat-lovers and cat-experts. While we love all animals, cats are our favorite. We treat every guest in our cat hotel as we treat our own cats.
  • Grooming services. You can choose to pamper your cat with a grooming appoinment during his or her stay for an even more enjoyable cat hotel stay.

This pet boarding facility is designed and managed with your cat in mind. We only house cats, which means that pets who don't enjoy the presence of their canine cousins will be able to relax in peace and quiet.

Our Cat Hotel consists of individual, private rooms. The completely cage free and dog free cat hotel environment provides and cozy and familiar place for your cat to stay. These rooms allow your cat to enjoy all the comforts of home, including human attention and affection and room to roam and stimulate the mind. While you are away at work or other appointments, our cat hotel allows your feline family member to enjoy a full day of napping, playing, and snuggling at his or her leisure. Our cat hotel rooms also give your cat the freedom to bird watch in a window or cuddle up with one of our cat-loving professionals. While your cat is enjoying their day at our cat hotel, you'll have the peace-of-mind you need knowing that your family members is receiving professional cat care attention while you are out and about.

Cat Hotel Options

When you book a stay for your cat at the Cat's Only Cat Hotel, you have options. Our cat hotel accommodations include a selection of rooms in three sizes: Standard suites, Queen suites, and King suites. Each room includes a comfortable pad for curling up, shelves and posts to climb and scratch, a litter box protected by a privacy curtain, and a window with a view of the outdoors.

Are you one of our families that has multiple feline family members? We understand the importance of a sibling bond, especially when in an unfamiliar atmosphere. If you have multiple cats who will be staying in our cat hotel, you may choose to house them in mulitple rooms or together in one. Our largest room can host up to six cats at one time.

Take care of two things in one trip. If you need to board your cats in our cat hotel, you can schedule a grooming appointment during their stay. Is your cat due for a good cut, shampoo, or nail trim? Choose from one of our grooming packages and we will take care of it during your cat's stay.

Cat Boarding

When you find yourself having to leave town, you need to make arrangements for your cat. Whether you have an overnight business trip, an extended vacation coming up, or emergency ongoing home renovations, book a room for your pet at our cat hotel. Cat's Only gives you the peace of mind that your cat is in the hands of true cat lovers in a cat hotel that is truly cat-centered. For as long as you need, we will host your cat in our cat hotel and keep her safe, relaxed, fed, and stimulated.

Cat Daycare

If you have to leave your home for hours at a time for work, school, or other obligations, consider a cat hotel for feline daycare services. Depending on your cat's preferences and how things are in your home, your cat may be happiest staying at a local cat hotel like Cat's Only for daycare services. At Cat's Only Cat Hotel, your pet will be given individual attention, private and comfortable accommodations, and convenience access to additional services such as private playtime and cat grooming services.

Book A Stay At Your Local Cat Hotel | Cats Only

Insist on the best for your cat - the best food, the best toys, and the best care. When it comes to having them looked after when you are busy, out of town, or are doing work on the house, come to Cats Only. Our cat daycare, doarding, and grooming services will check all your boxes for a new and comfortable place for your feline family members.

Learn all about our facilities, staff, and services, view our accommodations, and schedule an appointment for your cat to stay in our cat hotel. Book your cat's stay today by calling (618) 772-8315 or sending us a message.