Sauget, IL Cat Grooming near Shiloh

Sauget, IL Cat Grooming

Sauget, IL Cat Grooming. You love your cat. One of the ways you can show your cat your love and keep him or her healthy is to schedule regular Sauget, IL cat grooming from a qualified cat groomer! But where do you find one of those?

Enjoy the cat grooming services of Cats Only. We are all about cats here! All of our certified groomers have extensive training and experience working with, caring for, and grooming cats. For a tailored Sauget, IL cat grooming experience by a fellow feline lover and Sauget, IL cat grooming expert, come to Cats Only. Book your cat grooming appointment today. Just call us at (618) 772-8315.

There are plenty of reputable pet grooming facilities throughout the Sauget, IL area. However, nearly all of them are just that - pet groomers; they are there to groom whatever pets people have. This typically means dogs. Cats Only, on the other hand, is the cat grooming facility meant just for cats!

Why Your Cat Need Professional Sauget, IL Cat Grooming

You see your cat "groom" himself all the time. She's licking herself almost constantly, so she must be clean, right? Wrong. The natural grooming your cat performs on his or herself is not actually keeping them clean. In fact, if you or someone you know has an allergic reaction to cats, it might actually be from an allergen that is produced in feline saliva.

Scheduling regular Sauget, IL cat grooming for your feline family member comes with many advantages both for you and for your cat. You will enjoy less shedding, meaning you have less hair to clean off of everything, and management of allergy symptoms for those who are allergic. Your cat will be more comfortable, healthier, and happier.

Cat grooming helps by

  • Preventing fur from matting
  • Managing hair balls so they do not become obstructive or even dangerous
  • Maintaining the health, comfort, and happiness of your cat
  • Promoting the production of healthy natural oils that keep the coat shiny and smooth
  • Reducing inflammation and ingrown nails
  • Catching and removing pests
  • Noticing potential health problems and getting the proper veterinary care in a timely manner

Our Sauget, IL Cat Grooming Services

At Cats Only, we offer a range of spa services for our feline cat grooming customers. Let our team of certified cat groomers treat your cat to a spa day. Your cat may just need something simple like a face trim or maybe you'll looking for a full coat groom with a bath, blow dry, coat trim, nail caps, and more.

Whether you're looking for Sauget, IL cat grooming because your cat has fleas, you want to help your cat with other health concerns, or it's time for a complete feline makeover, Cats Only cat grooming is the place to go. See a full list of our cat grooming offerings below.

Spa Packages


Full Coat Groom (Long & Short Hair)

(includes bath, blow dry, de-shed treatment, face trim, nails, ears, and eyes)


Teddy Bear Cut

(includes full coat groom)


Lion Cut

(includes full coat groom)
Pelt removal an additional $34.95 and up
Mat removal an additional $19.95 and up


Flea Bath

(includes full coat groom)

Additional Services


Belly Shave


Sanitary Shave


Nail Trim

Nail Caps


All Four Paws


Front Paws Only

Cat Grooming Near Sauget, IL | Cats Only

You want the best for your cat, and that should include cat grooming that is tailored to his or her specific needs as a feline. Enjoy Sauget, IL professional cat grooming from Cats Only that protects your cat's health, keeps them comfortable, and makes them beautiful. You and your cat will both benefit from the grooming services of a certified professional that works with cats and only cats. Schedule your cat's spa services at our Sauget, IL cat grooming facility today by calling (618) 772-8315 or sending us a message.