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Cat Grooming Services in Sauget, IL

Cat grooming services in Sauget, IL. We love cats. One of the things cats are known for, which distinguishes them from some other pets, is their penchant for licking themselves. While this is often understood to be or referred to as grooming, this constant self-licking doesn't actually clean.

If you want your cat to be beautiful, comfortable, and in the best possible health, you need Sauget, IL cat grooming services. You want nothing but the best for you cat in all ways, from the food you feed her to the toys and scratching posts you give her. Shouldn't this apply to the cat grooming service you use? Cats Only is the best in Sauget, IL cat grooming.

Cats Only Cat Grooming in Sauget, IL

Cats Only is the leading Sauget, IL provider of cat services, including cat grooming, boarding, and daycare. We have worked to provide the Sauget, IL community with a safe, reliable, professional cat grooming and boarding service. By bringing your feline friend to us, you are making the best decision for both you and your cat. We have a team of Sauget, IL cat groomers who are welcoming and experienced and love cats as much as you do. At Cats Only, your cat will receive the attention, affection, and professional grooming she deserves.

Pamper your cat now. Call Cats Only at (618) 772-8315.

Benefits of Cat Grooming Services in Sauget, IL

Sometimes your beautiful feline can use little boost and some special attention. Professional grooming in Sauget, IL is not just about a smooth coat or a cute furcut. Professional cat grooming has many benefits both for your cat and for the people around your cat .

Cats benefit from professional cat grooming services by experiencing:

  • Less matting. Cats' fur tends to get tangled and matted very easily. This is especially true for long hair breeds and outdoor cats. Beyond presenting an obstruction when petting your cat, matted fur can be problematic. It can cause discomfort and, in more extreme cases, even pain and infection. Grooming addresses existing mats, and regularly scheduled grooming prevents mats from forming in the future.
  • Health benefits. Grooming promotes a healthy coat and better health overall. Brushing your cat's coat increases blood flow and stimulates the creation of natural oils that make their skin healthy and their coat shiny.
  • Pest control. Cats are constantly carrying around dead hair in their coats due to their constant shedding. You can help your cat manage things like dust, dander, dirt, and fleas and other pests by having her brushed regularly. When a cat licks itself, it ends up ingesting the particles that are caught in their coat, so keeping the coat well-groomed keeps them from consuming too much dirt and other irritants. And if your pet does pick up a flea, tick, or another parasite, grooming gives you a chance to catch it early and treat it quickly, keeping your cat healthier and safer.
  • Relaxation and comfort. Many cats enjoy grooming. Though this is not the case for all cats, grooming a cat who likes to be groomed helps them relax and be more comfortable. Grooming can be useful in reducing stress. Grooming older cats and cats with disabilities or mobility problems is a way to help your pet stay comfortable and healthy.

Additionally, the human companions of a well-groomed cat experiences:

  • Relief from allergies. Cats produce an allergen through their saliva to which many humans are sensitive. Also, cats pick up a lot of pollen, dust, and other allergens in their coat. Regular cat grooming protects the people in your home from exposure to all these allergens.
  • Relief from cleaning. All cat owners are all too familiar with finding cat hair on every square inch of everything we own. Having your cat groomed professionally on a regular basis minimizes the amount that they shed. Shedding is normal and necessary, but controlling shedding through grooming and brushing means less having to clean fur off of your furniture, clothes, floor, and surfaces. Less shedding also means less hairballs.

Cat Grooming Services We Provide in Sauget, IL

Cats Only is unique from other pet grooming facilities in that we provide services for cats and only cats. We understand their needs, tendencies, and grooming requirements more than any other grooming facility. Because our facility is restricted to felines, the environment is tailored to the needs of a cat. Your cat will be able to relax and enjoy themselves from beginning to end.

The Sauget, IL cat grooming services we provide are a wide range of services. We will treat and spoil your cat with any of our full spa treatments, including:

  • Full Coat Groom
  • Teddy Bear Cut
  • Lion Cut
  • Flea Bath

You may elect to include services like matt removal, de-shedding, and trimming. In addition to our full spa packages, we offer cat grooming services like belly shaves, sanitary shaves, nail trims, and nail caps.

Be sure to check out our additional services including cat daycare and cat boarding.

Cat Boarding Services Sauget, IL | Cat Boarding | Cat Grooming Near Sauget

Cat Grooming Services Sauget, IL | Cats Only

You love your cat for who she is. She deserves the pampering of professional cat grooming services, and the additional health boost that comes with it. And you deserve a clean and comfortable home with a clean, comfortable, beautiful cat. Call (618) 772-8315 today.