Cat Grooming Fairview Heights IL

Cat Grooming Fairview Heights IL. Isn't it time to pamper your furry friend? Isn't it also time to rid your house of unnecessary furballs and hair? Our cat grooming services in Fairview Heights IL do both. Our certified master feline groomer can take your furry family companion and remove all of the loose hair that they may be carrying around. Say goodbye to hairballs, hairy furniture, and say hello to a clean cat. Book your Fairview Heights IL cat grooming services today.

Cat Grooming Services Fairview Heights IL

While cats do groom themselves, they aren't nearly as efficient or cleanly as we believe. They miss a lot. When they "lick themselves clean" they are actually spreading an allergen through their hair that can cause the allergies that either you or your child have to act up. Regular bathing helps get rid of these issues. A clean cat is a happy and friendly cat.

Cat Hair Grooming Fairview Heights IL

Our Certified Master Feline Groomer can ensure that your cat absolutely loves their grooming/bathing session. These cat spa treatment sessions prevent matting, greasy coats, and other coat/grooming problems that may arise when a cat is regularly bathed/cleaned. Whether your cat needs a full grooming, matt removal, de-shed treatments, nails clipped/trimmed, or another grooming related services, we can make sure that your cat will shine like a show cat after their session with us. We provide our Cat Grooming Services to the areas of Shiloh, Millstadt, Belleville, Swansea, Collinsville, Sauget, Fairview Heights and O'Fallon, Illinois.

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Cat Boarding Fairview Heights

Leaving your cat for any period of time is never an enjoyable experience, but with the luxury facilities at Cats Only your cat will feel relaxed and comfortable. Each of our large suites are created with the specific needs of cats in mind. Cats love stretching out for a long nap on the soft pillows, getting a good scratch on the scratching posts, and lounging in the window to watch the birds outside. We understand that the well being of your cat is your top priority when choosing a cat boarding facility near Fairview Heights. At Cats Only, we are a new concept in feline boarding. Our facility, in addition to providing cage-free luxury suites for cats, operate on a no dogs policy. Without the stressful environment of barking dogs, your cat is free to enjoy his or her stay to the fullest.