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Cat Groomers St. Clair County

Cat Groomers St. Clair County. Cats like everything clean; their litter boxes, food area, and themselves. While professional cat grooming may seem unnecessary because cats always seem to be cleaning themselves, licking isn't nearly as effective as we often believe. To keep your cat happy and healthy, call Cats Only in St. Clair County today at 618-772-8315 to make an appointment.

Our pet services are incredibly exclusive. How do you get in? Be a cat! Our philosophy is in our name: we serve cats and only cats. When you bring your furry family member in, they will not have to deal with the stress of a bunch of barking dogs. Many St. Clair County groomers deal mainly with dogs and only groom cats as an afterthought for some extra cash. Our business is fully dedicated to giving cats and their owners the best possible service. Our cat groomers — including a Certified Feline Master Groomer with the National Cat Groomers Institute of America — all have a special interest in cats and have been trained on how to properly handle them.

Benefits of Cat Grooming | St. Clair County Cat Groomers

Professional cat groomers in St. Clair County can offer your feline friend something that they can't do themselves, and something that's hard for most pet owners to do. Cats are sensitive, and many of them run to hide under the bed when they see clippers, trimmers, or hear the sink or bathtub running. Our St. Clair County cat groomers know how to make cats comfortable and give them the great spa treatment they need and deserve. Below are a few of the great benefits of getting your cat groomed by professional cat groomers.

Claw Trimmings

A cat can cut himself or herself if they retract long claws too quickly. Additionally, long claws can be a danger to other people, pets, and your furniture. While we don't recommend declawing cats for a variety of reasons, claw trimmings will help protect your hands and your sofa while still allowing cats to follow their natural inclinations.

If you like, we can apply nail caps on your cat's claws as a humane alternative to declawing.


A brushing by professional St. Clair County cat groomers offers a variety of benefits:

  • It removes dirt, dead or matted hair, and dead skin flakes from their coat
  • It limits the amount of hairballs
  • It stimulates blood circulation
  • It promotes the production of natural oils that keep your cat's fur shiny and healthy

Better yet, brushing a cat releases endorphins that make them happy and stress-free.


According to Looney Tunes, water is just as much of a natural enemy to most cats as dogs are. The St. Clair County cat groomers at Cats Only know how to introduce your cat slowly to water and make them comfortable. Cats lick themselves when they want to clean themselves. But in doing so, they spread an allergen found in their saliva through their fur and through the air. Cleaning your cat by bathing will make both them and your home free of allergens and more comfortable, and will rid them of any pests like fleas.

Ear Care

Ear cleaning reduces the risk of infection for cats and helps clear out any excess debris. Cats have 32 muscles in their ears, which can be damaged easily, so it's best to let professional St. Clair County cat groomers tackle ear cleaning.

Sanitary Shaves, Belly Shaves, Lion's Cut, and Teddy Bear Cut

For longer-haired cats, shaving or trimming their fur can be a great way to reduce pests, hairballs, and shedding for your cat, and allergic reactions for you. It can also help prevent matted hair in the future. Don't worry, their fur grows back.

Grooming Reveals Any Health Problems

Cats are experts at hiding pain and illness, it's a defense mechanism and one of their survival instincts. Clues to their health can be found in their fur, ears, mouth, and skin. Not only will a professional cat grooming make any issues more noticeable, but expert cat groomers will be able to notice anything from fleas, to signs of infection or kidney problems. If our cat groomers notice any potential issues, we can connect you with the best veterinary care in St. Clair County.

Grooming Makes Cats More Comfortable With Humans

Your cat loves snuggling next to you on the couch, but probably runs away and hides when anybody else comes over to your St. Clair County home. Cats are often reclusive and defensive by nature; it's how they survive in the wild. But humans aren't coyotes, and there's generally no need for them to hide when a friend or family member comes to visit. Cats Only's expert cat groomers will help them feel at ease with being around and being handled by unfamiliar humans.

Cat Groomers St. Clair County | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Me

The Cats Only Difference | St. Clair County Cat Groomers

Cats Only is locally owned and operated. Our St. Clair County cat groomers started Cats Only for two reasons:

  1. Our owner worked in a variety of shelters, and found she had a special connection with cats.
  2. There were no cat groomers or pet boarding services near St. Clair County that served exclusively cats.

Cats thrive when they and everything around them are clean and tidy. After a professional grooming from our cat groomers, they'll be happy, healthy, and may even get excited the next time you bring them in the car. For the best cat care in St. Clair County, call Cats Only's expert cat groomers today at 618-772-8315.