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East St. Louis, IL Cat Groomer. Your cat is a part of your family and you want him to feel comfortable and look his best always. When your cat's claws are getting stuck on things, they are coughing up a significant amount of hairballs, have hard knots or mats in their fur, or are having trouble moving, it is time to bring your cat to the East St. Louis, IL cat groomer. Cat grooming is beneficial in many circumstances. But whether you're looking for a East St. Louis, IL cat groomer for a routine, regularly scheduled appointment or need an emergency flea bath, the cat grooming team at Cats Only is ready to care for your pet and deliver a stress-free grooming experience from beginning to end.

Cats Only is the East St. Louis, IL area cat-exclusive destination for all your cat needs. We are a cat groomer, cat daycare, and cat hotel all in one stop! Cats Only is the East St. Louis, IL cat groomer for you that provides a tranquil experience without the high-energy noise and excitement of dogs or other pets. Find out more about what we do and who we are or book your East St. Louis, IL cat groomer appointment today by calling us at 636-772-8315.

Why Should I Take My Cat to a East St. Louis, IL Cat Groomer?

Bringing your cat to the cat groomer seem like a hassle or an unnecessary ordeal for someone who has never been before, but cat grooming can be an extremely useful tool for your cat's health and, for most, is not the stressful nightmare you might imagine. Going to a East St. Louis, IL cat groomer includes benefits to your cat's health and comfort (such as reducing mats and hairballs) as well as your own health and comfort (by recuding the production of allergens and managing shedding and hairball production).

A East St. Louis, IL cat groomer has many important functions. A few of their typical services include...

  • Give your cat a safe bath

    We are careful with the process, making sure your cat feels comfortable and secure before introducing them to the water. Then we use the necessary shampoos to get your cat clean and shiny

  • Basic nail care

    Taking care of your kitty's nails is essential, but it can also be tricky. The East St. Louis, IL cat groomer who works with your kitty will have expert-level knowledge on the length, anatomy, and frequency of trimming needed to keep your cat comfortable and nimble.

  • Coat care, including trimming and brushing

    The cat groomer isn't only for long-haired breeds. Frequent and thorough brushing encourages the production of healthy oils, gets rid of dead hair and minimizes hair balls, and prevents matting and knotting. Trimming also helps accomplish these things. Your cat might need trimming in certain areas that bother them, such as long fur growing between their toes. Your East St. Louis, IL cat groomer will know how to make it look nice while leaving in place important whiskers that actually grow near the back of their legs and pads.

  • Basic ear care

    One of the functions of professional grooming is to help keep the cat's ears healthy. Your East St. Louis, IL cat groomer will check for signs that veterinary care is needed, such as:

    • Bald spots
    • Redness
    • Discharge
    • Swelling
    • Debris
    • Odor
    • Built-up ear wax
    • Bleeding

  • Detect health and mobility issues

    The cat groomer works closely with your cat and, through the grooming process, is in close contact with nearly every part of their body. The groomer is an excellent first line of defense for detecting possible health concerns before they escalate and can help you get the proper care for your pet. This makes grooming even more important for cats who are older or have disabilities. Grooming helps maintain their ability to move and care for themselves.

Benefits of a East St. Louis, IL Cat Groomer

At Cats Only, as it says in the name, we treat only cats! Though we love dogs and other pets, cats are our life and livelihood!  Our facility and our staff are all dedicated to making this the best possible place for your cats, whether they need a place to play during the day, somewhere to spend a few nights while you're away, or a spa day for pampering.

As a grooming facility for cats only, our groomers come with some special benefits to you and your feline, one of which is the relaxing environment. Free of loud, energetic, barking dogs, our facility is a kitty sanctuary. But most importantly, every East St. Louis, IL cat groomer and other member of our staff are complete cat experts. From care to grooming, we know cats and know how to treat your cat.

Your cat groomer at Cats Only will know all about:

  • Feline temperaments
  • Breeds and colors
  • Behavioral signs
  • Health and safety
  • Cat-specific spa products
  • Cat grooming skills

East St. Louis, IL Cat Groomer Services

When you come to the Cats Only spa, you can choose from a variety of cat grooming services. In need of an emergency flea bath? Or are you hoping for a fresh new look? Whatever you are looking for, the cat groomers of Cats Only has you covered.

Your East St. Louis, IL Cat Groomer | Cats Only

Give your cat a new level of comfort and physical care or pamper him with a visit to the cat groomer. Our East St. Louis, IL area cat grooming services are provided by expert cat groomers who understand felines. We know how to put your cat at ease and help her be her happiest and healthiest self. Book an appointment with a Cats Only cat groomer today or ask about any of our services by calling us at 636-772-8315 now.