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Cat Care Near Me Swansea, IL

Cat Care Near Me in Swansea, IL. Cats Only provides A to Z cat care services in Swansea, IL and bordering areas. Cats are majestic creatures and are a valued part of your family; show your cat how much you love him or her by caring for them and pampering them. Cats are also fussy, and when you're looking up "cat care near me" you need to be sure that you're choosing a provider that meets your cats' needs. You don't have to keep searching. While the majority of "cat care near me" services in Swansea, IL cater mainly to dogs and only work with cats as an afterthought, Cats Only was founded on the principle that cats deserve great care aimed specifically for them.

We named ourselves Cats Only because we only serve cats; there are no high-strung dogs will cause anxiety for your feline family member with unending yipping. Our staff all understand the unique personalities and needs of cats, and know how to handle them in a way that makes them relaxed. For the best "cat care near me" in Swansea, IL and the neighboring areas, make an appointment with Cats Only today at 618-772-8315.

Some of the cat care services we offer in Swansea, IL are:

Grooming | Cat Care Near Me

Cats Only is owned and managed by a Certified Feline Master Groomer, the highest of four classifications set out by the National Cat Groomers Institute, which can only be obtained by passing nine thorough exams and having proven prowess in both knowledge and skill.

There are myriad ways in which a cat benefits from professional cat grooming. It will keep your cat healthy, save your furniture, keep your Swansea, IL home allergy-free, reveal any underlying health problems, and even let your cat know that unfamiliar humans won't do them any harm. As part of our grooming services, we offer:

  • A full coat groom, including blow dry after a bath treatments do reduce shedding, face and nail trims, and ear and eye cleanings.
  • Teddy bear cuts and lion cuts
  • Flea treatment
  • Belly shaves
  • Nail caps

Our "cat care near me" services in Swansea, IL go the extra mile, we give your cat the full spa treatment, from expert groomers who know how to handle cats without making them anxious.

Cat Hotel | Cat Care Near Me

A lot of people in Swansea, IL are under the impressions that when they go on vacation, they can leave their cat at home and merely have someone check on them every couple days. We often think of cats as being aloof, so it's easy to suppose they can take care of themselves. But, in reality, there are a lot of reasons why cat boarding is preferable:

  • It Lowers Their Anxiety. Cats do not like change, so you might think that switching environments would be a poor decision. But being lonely and anxious in an empty house is a much more unwelcome adjustment for them. When you leave your fluffy friend at our cat hotel, your cat will get used to their temporary living situation in a day or two, and will still receive human interaction.
  • Health Issues Will Be Recognized. If you don't board your cat and they unexpectedly become ill when you're away, it may be a while before anyone notice, even if you have someone check up on them. We check on your cat consistently and will take action if any unexpected health issues arise.
  • You Won't Have To Wonder If Anything Is Wrong. A lot can happen when you're out of town; for example, a pipe could burst or a fire could start. When no one's home, no one will be there to save your cat.

At Cats Only's Swansea, IL cattery, your kitty will never be left in a cage. We offer standard, queen, and king size suites so your Swansea, IL cats can keep each other company. The suites all have litter boxes, cushions, and scratching posts, so there's have ample space to scratch, climb, be lazy, and stare out the window. Our "cat care near me" boarding services keep your cat or cats relaxed, content, and safe when not at home. We also offer our feline guests a dedicated playroom for more active cats, and our staff can't wait to play with them.

Cat Care Near Me Swansea, IL | Cat Boarding and Cat Grooming Services Near Swansea

Daycare | Cat Care Near Me

Maybe you're googling "cat care near me," because you're also looking up "nail salon near me," "DMV near me," and/or "car wash near me." When you need to run errands for the day, or are just busy at work or school, cat daycare will ensure that your cat has a great day of napping, scratching, and playing while they're missing you. Cats crave human love and affection. At Cats Only, our "cat care near me" services in Swansea, IL can give it to them while you're busy doing other things in Swansea, IL.

Choose Cats Only For Your Cat Care Near Me

Cats Only is the only "cat care near me" in Swansea, IL that specializes solely in cats. Whether you want to give your cat the spa treatment or want them to be looked after while you're gone or unavailable, Cats Only has the affections and the facilities required to keep your cat relaxed and purring for however long they're here. Call us at 618-772-8315 for the best "cat care near me" in Swansea, IL.