Cat Boarding Millstadt, IL

Cat Boarding Millstadt

Your feline friend isn't just a pet, they're part of your family, and when work or life calls you away from home you need a reliable and trustworthy place for your cat's temporary stay. Cats Only provides Millstadt residents with loving and serene cat boarding options. Our Cat Boarding rooms are completely cage free and canine free and allow your feline family member to enjoy all the comforts of home, including human attention and affection. While you are away at work or other appointments, our environments allow your feline family member to enjoy a full day of napping, playing, and snuggling at his or her leisure. Our Cat Boarding rooms also give your cat the freedom to bird watch in a window or cuddle up with one of our cat-loving professionals. While your cat is enjoying their day at our cat resort, you'll have the peace-of-mind you need knowing that your family member is receiving professional cat care attention while you are out and about.

Our Cat Daycare centers let your feline enjoy all of the comforts home. Our affectionate and attentive staff consists of cat lovers just like yourself, so we know whats required to keep your feline family member happy and healthy. Our cat boarding services include scheduled feeding, medication(if needed), and litter-box cleaning twice a day. Be confident in your cat's well being while you are by choosing the cat-loving professionals of Cats Only for all of your cat boarding needs.

Cage Free Cat Boarding

Cats Only is proud to be a new concept in cat boarding for Millstadt cat owners; instead of tiny cages, cats boarded at Cats Only enjoy the freedom offered by a spacious, individual suite that has been designed with a cat's needs in mind. With plenty of room for play and exercise, your cat will feel relaxed and safe. If your cat has a particularly high energy level, you can request for him or her to enjoy daily private or social time in the play room for exercise and fun. Each private room has a cat tree and scratching posts, fluffy beds for napping, a window for lounging and bird watching, and private potty quarters. We offer three suite sizes to accommodate any individual or family of cats for our cage-free cat boarding. Our basic Suite accommodates up to two cats, our Queen size suite has room for up to three cats, and our King size suite is spacious enough for a whole family of cats, accommodating up to six cats. Cats and cat families are never allowed to co-mingle with other feline guests, ensuring the safety of your beloved pets. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your feline family member is receiving proper care, love, and attention while you are away with cat boarding services in Millstadt from Cats Only.