Cat and Feline Boarding Shiloh, IL

Cat Boarding Services

At Cats Only we understand how important it is to find the right people to watch your cat when you are away. We know that you just want your cat to be safe, loved, and cared for like they are home with you. We understand that, and that's why here at Cats Only, WE DO NOT CAGE OUR CATS!!!! Don't worry, because Fluffy will enjoy the freedom offered by a large, individual suite that is designed with their needs in mind. We believe that cats are happiest when they have the space to do what they like, so we give our feline guests spacious suites to lounge, nap, climb, and play to their hearts' content.

What is Cats Only

Just like kids in the house, cats have individual tastes. So we have created a variety of options for your furry friends to enjoy at Cats Only. Whether if you'll be away for a couple of days or a week, Cats Only is the best choice for professional cat boarding services. Our knowledgeable staff is friendly, and they love cats just as much as you do. So you can rest assured that your pet is receiving the love and attention they deserve. We understand that when it comes to the care of your cat while you are away, only the best cat boarding facility in Shiloh IL, and the surrounding Metro East area will do. Our boarding services include feeding, medication, and litter box cleaning services two times daily to make sure that your cat is happy and feels safe.

Cage Free Cat Boarding

Here at Cats Only, we are proud to introduce a new concept in cat boarding. Instead of a little cage that restricts your car all day, they are free to roam in their large, individual suite. They will have plenty of room for play and exercise, so your cat will feel relaxed and have fun. Each private room has huge windows for lounging and bird watching, scratching posts, beds for napping, and private potty quarters. Its a home away from home for your furry friend here. We offer three suite sizes to accommodate any individual or family of cats for our cage-free cat boarding.

Are Dogs Allowed?

Do we like dogs? We love all pets. But as our name implies, here at Cats Only serves cats and their owners. Our facility is free of dogs. In one of our deluxe cat boarding suites, your cat will be able to relax without having to listen to loud and annoying barking. In addition to being a dog-free environment, Cats Only is a cage-free cat boarding facility. All of our feline friends will enjoy the freedom to roam their spacious luxury suites and not have to worry about fits with the dogs.

Our Promise

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your feline companion is receiving proper care, love, and attention while you are away with cat boarding services from Cats Only. Our boarding accommodations and facility are also unsurpassed. We provide quiet, luxurious, and spacious cage-free rooms fit for the finest of felines.