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Cat Boarding Services St. Clair County, IL

Cat Boarding in St. Clair County, IL. Cats Only gets it -- how how selective you have to be in finding someone to watch your cat when you are away. It is difficult, both for us and our cats, to be away from home. You want a safe, comfortable alternative place for your cat to stay when you have to be away. We understand that, and that's why we have designed comfortable, home-like, cage-free amenities for our feline guests. You have a selection of suites to choose from for your cat boarding needs in St. Clair County, IL. We feel that cats are happiest when they have the space to do what they like, so we give your cat large suites where they can follow every natural instinct they have. Call us today at 618-772-8315 to discover more.

St. Clair County, IL Cat Boarding at Cats Only

We look at cats as we look at people; cats all have their own special personalities. In light of this attitude, we have created a variety of options to treat, protect, and pamper your furry friends during their stay with us for St. Clair County, IL cat boarding. Whether you'll be away for a couple of days or a week, Cats Only is the top choice for caring and safe cat boarding services. Our knowledgeable staff is friendly, and they love cats just as much as you do. You can rest assured that when you board your cat with us, your pet is receiving the love and attention they deserve. We understand that when it comes to the care of your cat while you are away, only the best cat boarding facility in St. Clair County, IL will do. We provide full-service care for our cat boarding customers, including feeding, medication, litter box cleaning services two times daily, and grooming to ensure that your cat is as comfortable as possible during their stay.

Cat Boarding for Cats, by St. Clair County, IL Cat Lovers

Cat boarding services at the Cats Only boarding facility in St. Clair County, IL serving the area Metro East area is one of a kind. We are a cat boarding service built solely for cats. We are more than just animal lovers, and we are passionate about caring for our cats and we all their needs are met while you are hone.

St. Clair County, IL Cat Boarding for Your Cat's Basic Needs

Our cat boarding attendants know the basic needs of cats to give them a safe and comfortable boarding experience when they must be away from you. Our roomy suites in St. Clair County, IL come with windows to sun bathe and lots of things to jump and climb on and scratch. Cats spend an astonishing 70% of their day sleeping and need a place where they feel safe to get quality sleep. In contrast, allowing your cat to play and be stimulated and active during the day can help him or her sleep better. For their other needs, we provide each cat boarding guest with their own private litter box, with a privacy curtain. Your cat will not be wanting for anything except your company during their stay.

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Cage Free Cat Boarding in St. Clair County, IL

Cats Only is proud to offer a new, a more humane method of cat boarding. Instead of being confined to a small, stuffy plastic cage, they are free to roam in their large, individual suite. They will have more than enough room to follow their instincts, so your cat will feel relaxed. Each private cat boarding room has huge windows for sun bathing, cat trees for exploring, scratching posts, cushions and blankets for sleeping, and a private litter box. Your felines will soon look at Cats Only as their own vacation destination -- a safe place to stay and play while you're away. With standard, queen, and king sized suites, every member of your cat family can stay in the same suite.

Dogs in our St. Clair County, IL Cat Boarding Facility?

Our St. Clair County, IL boarding services serve cats and only cats. While dogs deserve to have their needs met to, Cats Only was founded because our owner realized their were no boarding facilities dedicated solely to cats. Dogs are not allowed at our facilities. Cat boarding guests in all suites throughout our facility can relax without having to listen to irritating barking — and with hearing that is more than three times for powerful than human hearing, your cat will surely appreciate that. By catering only to cats we can provide your cat in St. Clair County, IL with the ultimate home-away-from-home experience. They will never be bothered a by a frenzied dog or dog saliva on the floor of our cat boarding facility.

Our Cat Boarding Promise: Board with Cats Only in St. Clair County, IL

You can be confident that your cat is receiving proper care, love, and attention while you have to leave St. Clair County, IL for a period of time. Our boarding facility is unrivaled. We provide peaceful, luxurious, and roomy suites that even the pickiest of cats will approve of. Book a cat boarding suite for your cat today by calling us at 618-772-8315.