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Q: Are there Age Restrictions?

A: Our cat boarding, grooming, and daycare services are offered to cats ages 8 weeks and older.

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Q: Does My Cat need to be Declawed?

A: No, your cat does not need to be declawed! In fact, we even offer nail caps as part of our grooming services as a humane alternative to declawing. Save your legs, furniture, and carpet from your cat's need to scratch while maintaining their feline integrity.

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Q: What if my cat isn't spayed/ neutered?

A:Our feline guests are not required to be spayed or neutered, but are required to have received their rabies shots.

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Q: Are the animals monitored 24/7?

A: Our loving staff strives to provide your cat with expert care during our operating hours. We make sure to double and triple check our feline guests each morning when we first arrive, and each night before we leave, to ensure their safety and happiness.