Cat Grooming Swansea IL

Cat Grooming Services Swansea IL. Committed to providing a full range of spa services exclusively catered to cats and their owners, Cats Only is the best choice for feline grooming services in the Swansea area. At other pet grooming facilities, the groomers are trained to groom and handle dogs, but have either little experience or none at all in feline grooming. We recognize that cats and dogs have very different personalities, and we have tailored our grooming services to meet the needs of cats. Your cat will be sure to love a relaxing spa treatment courtesy of our certified master feline groomer. With the expert care and handling of the Cats Only staff, our feline grooming services are perfect for any cat. At Cats Only, we start with a full coat groom for your cat, which includes bathing, blow drying, and cleaning of eyes and ears. After your cat's complete coat grooming, you can choose to add on services including de-shedding, matt removal, and pelt removal.

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Cat Boarding in Swansea IL

Leaving your cat for any length of time can be a difficult task, but choosing the best kennel or pet boarding facility for your beloved pet can be even more difficult. Cats Only makes your choice easy by offering an exclusively feline oriented boarding facility. As a cage-free cat boarding facility, your cat can enjoy feeling safe and relaxed in a spacious private suite with plenty of room for all of his or her favorite activities. Whether your cat loves to nap on a soft bed, lounge in a warm, sunny windowsill and watch the birds outside, or play and climb on scratching posts and cat trees, our luxury suites accommodate the needs of every cat. For cats that are playful and have a lot of energy, we offer private time in a playroom where our staff will gladly give your pet the exercise and fun he or she needs.