Cat Grooming Saint Louis

Cat Grooming Services St Louis MO. While there are many pet grooming services in St Louis, Cats Only is the exclusive grooming facility tailored specifically to meet the needs of cats. Other pet groomers have excellent training for grooming dogs, but they lack experience in grooming and handling cats. At Cats Only, we have focused all of our training on the proper handling and care of cats for grooming. Our staff is comprised of cat lovers who have experience grooming cats, including our certified master feline groomer. Let the experts at Cats Only provide all of your feline grooming services. Our services include a full coat groom with bathing, blow drying, trimming as needed, and cleaning of the ears and eyes. We also offer grooming service add-ons such as nail caps, matt removal, and de-shed treatments for your feline friend.

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Cat Boarding in St Louis MO

When you are looking for the best cat boarding service in St Louis, choose Cats Only over other pet boarding facilities or kennels. At our facility, we never put cats into tiny cages where they are uncomfortable and unhappy. Instead, we have created luxury cat suites in any size to fit your entire cat family. Whether you have one cat or six, Cats Only has the facilities and expertise to properly care for your beloved pets. Our cage-free cat boarding includes twice daily feeding, administering of medications (if necessary), and suite cleaning. Each suite features soft cat beds, an exterior window with ledge, cat tree, scratching posts, and a litter box privatized with a curtain. Your cat will be sure to feel safe and secure at Cats Only, as there are no barking dogs making loud noises to cause stress or anxiety.