Cat Grooming Shiloh IL

Cat Grooming Services Shiloh IL. Located in Shiloh, Cats Only is proud to offer area cat owners an alternative to multi-animal groomers. Other grooming facilities have groomers that are trained in dog grooming, and have little to no experience grooming cats. At Cats Only, we recognize the personality differences between cats and dogs. Our cat-loving staff has the experience to properly handle your cat, taking into consider his or her need for respect and affection. The cat grooming services of Cats Only are completed by a certified master feline groomer whose training has been focused exclusively on feline grooming. Our grooming services start with a full coat groom, including a bath, blow dry, and ear and eye cleaning. Add-on grooming services such as nail caps, matt removal, or a de-shed treatment and your feline friend will look like a show cat after a spa treatment at Cats Only.

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Cat Boarding in Shiloh IL

At Cats Only, we are more than a cat boarding facility, we are a full service feline resort. Leaving your beloved pet for any period of time is never enjoyable, but when you choose to board your cat at Cats Only, you can be sure your cat is getting the highest quality attention and care throughout his or her stay. Conveniently located in Shiloh, we have designed every aspect of our facility to meet the needs of cats and their owners. When you choose the expert cat boarding services of Cats Only, your feline friend will be treated to a luxurious suite with enough room for all of a cat's favorite activities. Our suites feature amenities such as windows for lounging and bird watching, soft beds for curling up to nap, and sturdy, permanent cat tress for climbing and playing. For expert care and attention of your cat while you are away, choose Cats Only for your boarding needs.