Cat Grooming Rentchler IL

Cat Grooming Services Rentchler IL. Treating your feline friend to a full spa treatment from Cats Only will help to promote healthy hair growth and reduce the allergens in your cat's fur. Regular grooming keeps your cat's fur from becoming matted or greasy, as well as helping to prevent other common coat and skin problems. The staff of Cats Only are friendly and knowledgeable to provide your cat with a pleasant grooming experience. Unlike other pet grooming facilities, we tailor our cat grooming services to meet the specific needs of felines. Most pet groomers are trained to groom dogs, with little to no experience in feline grooming. Our certified master feline groomer can have you cat looking like a show cat after just one grooming. You can feel confident that your beloved pet is safe in the hands of the Cats Only groomers.

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Cat Boarding Rentchler IL

Anytime you have to leave your cat in the care of others, guaranteeing his or her happiness and well being is of utmost importance. At Cats Only, we have designed every aspect of our facility to meet the specific needs of cats. There are no dogs on our premises to cause your cat stress with barking. Instead of putting your precious cat into a tiny cage, our cage-free cat boarding facility features large, luxurious suites. We keep cat families separate from each other for the safety of our feline guests, and for their comfort. Each of our spacious suites has soft cat beds for long naps, several scratching posts, and an exterior window with a ledge where cats can lounge to watch the birds outside. Our cat boarding service includes feeding, medication, and cleaning twice a day, and your cat will receive personal attention and affection throughout the day.