Cat Grooming O'Fallon IL

Cat Grooming Services O'Fallon IL. Finding the right feline grooming service for your beloved pet can seem like a daunting task as there are many pet grooming services available. However, Cats Only is the exclusive provider of grooming services specifically tailored to fit the needs of you and your cat. Other pet grooming facilities have groomers that are talented in dog grooming, but have little to no experience grooming cats. At Cats Only, our groomer is a certified master feline groomer with expert knowledge and experience in feline grooming. We provide O'Fallon residents with cat grooming services that will have your cat looking like a show cat, while reducing matts, hairballs, and allergens. In addition to a master feline groomer, the Cats Only staff consists entirely of cat loving individuals who have been properly trained in the care and handling of cats for grooming.

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Cat Boarding O'Fallon IL

We are proud to be a new concept in feline boarding for the O'Fallon IL region. You will find no cages and no dogs at the Cats Only boarding facility. We believe in providing a safe, comfortable place for your cat to nap, play, and lounge while you are away. With our cage-free cat boarding facility, your cat will enjoy his or her own private suite (or a shared suite for your whole cat family) that is spacious enough for playing and climbing. Each individual suite features an exterior window for bird watching, a hidden litter box with privacy curtain, and a cat tree for climbing and exploring. For particularly playful felines, Cats Only even has a playroom for private one-on-one play with our staff. Your cat is sure to enjoy the quiet, relaxing atmosphere at Cats Only, with no barking dogs to cause stress.