Cat Grooming Millstadt IL

Cat Grooming Services Millstadt IL. Having your cat regularly groomed is the best way to reduce hairballs, shedding, and matts. At Cats Only, we provide residents of the Millstadt area with expert cat grooming services. Our entire staff is experienced in the proper handling of cats; we understand that cats require special attention and respect that other animals may not need. In addition to professional experience, our staff has the passion and love of cats that allow them to truly provide the attention your cat needs. All of the cat grooming services offered by Cats Only are completed by our certified master feline groomer with training specifically for feline grooming. Many pet grooming services in the Millstadt area have talented dog groomers with little to no experience with grooming cats, and so they apply dog grooming tactics to your cat. Avoid the stress of an improper grooming by bringing your cat to Cats Only for a complete spa treatment, including bath, blow dry, and trim.

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Cat Boarding Millstadt

Cats Only has developed a completely new concept in cat boarding facilities. Instead of putting cats in tiny cages where they become uncomfortable and unhappy, we offer our feline clients private suites where they can relax or play at their leisure. With three sizes of spacious cat suites, our cage-free cat boarding allows for a family of up to six cats to comfortably enjoy their stay. Every Cats Only luxury feline suite offers amenities designed specifically for cats: exterior windows for viewing birds outside, soft pet beds perfect for a long nap, and a private potty area with a privacy curtain. Your cat can enjoy the peace and quiet of our exclusively feline facility with no loud, barking dogs causing stress and anxiety. When you are searching for cat boarding services in the Millstadt area, there is no better choice for your feline friend than Cats Only.