Cat Grooming Fairview Heights IL

Cat Grooming Services Fairview Heights IL. If your house is covered in cat hair or your cat gets frequent hairballs, Cats Only has the perfect solution to your problems: a full spa treatment from our feline grooming expert. A regular grooming will keep your cat looking and feeling great by reducing shedding, matting, and allergens in his or her coat. When you choose Cats Only for all of your feline grooming needs, your cat will be treated to expert care and handling. We understand the needs of cats and their owners, and recognize that cats are very different from dogs. Most groomers are trained to properly groom dogs, but have little to no experience grooming cats. Our head groomer is a certified master feline groomer whose training has been specifically focused on the proper methods of grooming cats. Choose Cats Only for expert feline grooming services in Fairview Heights.

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Cat Boarding Fairview Heights

Leaving your cat for any period of time is never an enjoyable experience, but with the luxury facilities at Cats Only your cat will feel relaxed and comfortable. Each of our large suites are created with the specific needs of cats in mind. Cats love stretching out for a long nap on the soft pillows, getting a good scratch on the scratching posts, and lounging in the window to watch the birds outside. We understand that the well being of your cat is your top priority when choosing a cat boarding facility near Fairview Heights. At Cats Only, we are a new concept in feline boarding. Our facility, in addition to providing cage-free luxury suites for cats, operate on a no dogs policy. Without the stressful environment of barking dogs, your cat is free to enjoy his or her stay to the fullest.