Cat Grooming East Saint Louis IL

Cat Grooming Services East St Louis IL. At Cats Only, we believe in offering top quality feline grooming services for cat owners in East St Louis IL. We are proud to be the only provider of groomer services in the area exclusively catering to cats and their needs. Our head groomer is a certified master feline groomer, giving her the expert knowledge needed to properly wash, brush, and trim your cat's coat. Each member of our staff shares your love for cats, and is trained in proper handling during grooming. Help keep your feline friend healthy and clean with cat grooming services from the experts at Cats Only. After our complete spa treatment, including a bath, blow dry, trims, and eye and ear cleaning, your cat will shine like a show cat, and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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Cat Boarding East St Louis

We understand that leaving your cat in a strange place can be a trying experience for both you and your feline friend. That's why Cats Only is, as our name implies, a safe feline boarding facility with no dogs allowed. With no dogs on the premises, your cat will be able to relax in a calming environment that is free of stress. Our facility is also cage-free, choosing instead to promote feline happiness with large, comfortable suites. When you choose Cats Only for your East St Louis cat boarding needs, your beloved pet will enjoy soft pet beds for lengthy napping sessions, an exterior window for watching birds, and a litter box that is hidden from view with a privacy curtain. For playful felines, we offer daily private time in the play room for exercise and fun. The Cats Only staff consists of feline lovers who will give your cat the attention and love it needs while you are away.