Cat Grooming Collinsville IL

Cat Grooming Services Collinsville IL. Regular grooming for your cat offers many benefits, including helping to prevent matting and greasy coats. At Cats Only, we are dedicated to proving Collinsville IL cat owners with professional grooming services specifically catered to felines. At many pet grooming facilities, the groomers are only trained to groom dogs, and have little to no experience grooming cats. Our certified master feline groomer has trained exclusively to properly care and groom cats. The experienced, cat-loving staff of Cats Only understand the specific needs of your feline friend. We offer a full range of cat grooming services in Collinsville IL, including bathing, trimming, and nail caps to protect your furniture. After a spa day at Cats Only, your cat will shine like a show cat. With no dogs at our feline grooming facility, your cat can relax and enjoy his or her spa day.

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Cat Boarding in Collinsville

The luxurious private suites at Cats Only create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for your feline friend while you are away. Each spacious suite features a window for bird watching, soft beds for extensive napping, and a privatized potty area. Unlike other pet boarding facilities, Cats Only exclusively caters to cats and their owners, which means there are no barking dogs to stress out our guests. If your cat is particularly playful, we will gladly let him or her spend time romping and rolling in our private play room. Our experienced and cat-loving staff provide expert care to our feline guests: feeding, administering medications, and cleaning of the litter box are scheduled twice a day. Throughout their stay, the cats staying at our cage-free cat boarding facility near Collinsville receive personal attention and affection.